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Safety Features

Touch Screen Display
Visual animation demonstrates how to interact with the machine.

Locking Safety Gates
Bi-panel locking safety gates restrict unauthorized access to the Cartveyor.

Cart Blocker
A articulated steel barrier positioned behind the infeed gates which prevents unauthorized carts from traveling down the incline.

Photoelectric Sensor
Identifies unwanted objects in both the infeed and discharge areas after the gates have been locked, immediately stopping the machine.

Clear Acrylic Safety Barrier
Located on the Cartveyor’s balustrade prevents customer interaction with their shopping cart while it’s in motion.

Stainless Steel Archway
Located at the infeed area, provides a visual and physical guide to encourage the appropriate loading of a cart.

Operational Features

Control Package
Provides "smart" tools that allow store and service personnel to easily interact with the Cartveyor, offering quick identification and easy resolution of machine out of service status to ensure machine uptime is maximized.

Operated through a programmable logic controller (PLC), the control package can be adjusted via the human machine interface (HMI) for each environment's unique needs, including the setting of sleep mode to conserve power and wear on the machine. The control package also automatically archives shopping cart throughout, number of running hours, and fault occurrences, providing site management with performance data.

Heavy-Duty, Continuous Loop Chain Drive
Withstands the rigors of high-volume cart traffic.

Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)
The PLC provides computer-based control over all electrical functions of the Cartveyor, including the HMI touch-screen interface.

Four Modes of Operation
Four operational modes (Auto, Manual, Supervisor, or Associate) allows for precise control of the Cartveyor during customer, store personnel or maintenance applications.

Chain Jam Detection System
Rapidly detects jammed or nested carts, stopping the Cartveyor before damage occurs.
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Operation Features | Cartveyor Operation Features | Cartveyor Operation Features | Cartveyor

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