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Retail Grows UpMulti-level Shopping Centers

Since the early eighties, large retailers have traditionally located their businesses in large, single-story buildings in the suburbs. This trend was known as Big Box retailing, which typically required 12 to 14 acres of land to provide enough space for the average 120,000 square foot store and sufficient parking.

Recognizing the untapped market, many larger retailers are now moving back into urban areas where commercial property availability is limited and expensive. In order to maximize space in urban locations, it is necessary for retailers to build up instead of out.

The ChallengeWhat About Shopping Carts?

Several problems are created when shopping is done on multiple levels. The most significant being the requirement to move customer’s shopping carts between levels. This problem is not easily solved with traditional means of vertical transportation.

The Challenge | Cartveyor The Challenge | Cartveyor The Challenge | Cartveyor

The Search for a SolutionCartveyor Modernizes
Vertical Transportation

As multi-level retail gained popularity, retailers began to realize the limitations or traditional vertical transportation. Elevators were not the solution, as they caused bottlenecks with customer flow, while their confined space diminished the customer's shopping experience. Inclined / moving walkways fared even worse due to the vast amount of retail space required to accommodate their 12-degree incline and special caster requirements for all shopping carts. Retailers experiences the issues with customers placing ill-equipped wheeled carts (such as baby strollers) on the walkway, which led to walkway damage and customer injury.

In response to this unmet market demand, PFlow Industries, the founder and leader of the vertical reciprocating conveyor (VRC) industry, developed Cartveyor, the definitive solution for the needs of multi-level retail environments.

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The PresentCartveyor's Success

Cartveyor Shopping Cart Conveyors now operate within a wide variety of retail stores throughout North America. Cartveyor maximizes the customer experience and your retail throughput in an open and inviting environment.

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